Wednesday, July 24, 2013

J. Razzo's Local Artist: Julie Joy

If you've ever been inside J. Razzo's, it's hard to miss the bright and colorful artwork on the walls.  What you might not know is that the art is local and also for sale!

Artist Julie Joy is an explorative, versatile impressionist and abstract painter that utilizes oil and acrylic mediums.  She likes to get out of her studio and convey the emotion of her subject matter by traveling and painting outside, giving fresh emotion in the lighting and color that is always in a constant state of change.  You can see this in her pieces depicting landscapes, flowers and local Carmel landmarks that are hanging on the walls inside the restaurant.

"My art is a balance between the emotion of the subject matter and my own heart," Julie Joy said.  "I am lucky enough to be able to transcend time, loosing myself in my passion to create.  Walking in nature prepares me for the day's painting session.  Each day, my subject matter varies from a loose interpretation of a landscape to an abstract vision that I have glimpsed in my sleep state.  My goal is to bring the depths of my soul and the joy of living to emanate from each painting.  May it bring healing and peace to those who interact with it."

Julie Joy was born in a small farming community in Ohio with four siblings.  With her parents struggling to survive and seeking work in different places across the United States, Julie Joy learned to adapt to change and relate to many cultures.  This sense of versatility has spilled over into her paintings.

Open-hearted and passionate, Julie Joy strives to create art that depicts a strong depth of emotion.  Her world of expressiveness through a deft brush stroke tells stories that vibrate in color and light.  It's easy to fall in love with her passion, creativity and ability to create a visual experience that leads to art that collectors say they can feel.

"It is a joy to hang my artwork and be a part of the J. Razzo's family," said Julie Joy.  "It is our goal to bring Carmel together where you will have a warm and welcoming experience with good food and the flavors of local art that tells a community story.  I am excited to say that I have envisioned bringing downtown Carmel to J. Razzo's.  That dream has now turned into a reality."

You can not only see Julie Joy's artwork of local Carmel landmarks on the walls of J. Razzo's, but it is available for purchase as greeting cards.  Each card tells a story of the historical significance of that landmark.  "I have signed the front of each card, so it is very special and a gift from my heart to the beautiful city of Carmel."

Julie Joy is now an artist, teacher, writer and leader in the community.  She has resided in Carmel, Indiana for the past 15 years being a busy single mom of her three children, Dylan, Cassidy and Morgen.  Come in for dinner and a look at her work on our walls, or you can visit her website at

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