Thursday, November 17, 2011

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What's the best Thanksgiving wine?
It is that time of year again when we dine with friends and family. The first big holiday is Thanksgiving Day and you ask yourself what wine should I serve or bring? Here are my tips:

The first rule of thumb is that there are no rules. There are no certain wines to drink with certain food. Buy and enjoy the wines that you like, especially for the holidays -- buy the wine that you are familiar with. This is not the day to experiment or try different wines. Go to your favorite liquor store or to a wine tasting bar and give your taste buds a treat- at a reasonable price.

For the whites, I like wines with a fruit taste to go with turkey. Franciscan Cardonnay is full bodied yet fruity. You cannot go wrong with Conundrum- everyone loves this wine which is a blend of 5 white grapes from California. Finally I like a Riesling to serve before dinner and during dinner if you like. I prefer Pacific Rim Riesling . It has just been voted as the #1 Best Wine for the Money.

With Turkey dinner I believe a red is better suited than white. Again I prefer a spicy red. A pinot noir or zinfandel are perfect. For Zinfandel I enjoy Seghesio or Klicker Brick both are "OLd Vine" Zinfandels.For Pinot Noirs I like Oregon Pinot Noirs.Willamette Valley is terrific. Also Cheery Hill Winery , which is owned by the Sweeneys from Indianapolis is an excellent choice.Spanish wines are less expensive and most are spicy like I want. For traditionalists try Cru Beaujolais from France. These wines are bold and fruity.Finally an Indiana Winery is making wine similar to the great wines of Europe and California. For Thanksgiving try Rettig Hill Chambourcin-tasted and liked by my wait staff.

Happy Thanksgiving

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